(Deutsch) AGB

Part A, specific provisions for plant material

Accessibility of varieties
All varieties of cultivated plants are “public varieties” and must remain public. This is laid down in international agreements. More about this here:
pro specie rara
Text with the Swiss Confederation (English)
German text (of Genbank Deutschland)

Plant Health
Our seeds are healthy and free from pests. Nevertheless, the Erschmatt variety garden does not have a plant passport (this is too costly in relation to the quantity of seeds sold). The plant passport officially confirms that the plots are free of diseases or pests. Seeds without a plant passport may not be used for commercial purposes.
Information on the plant passport at the FOAG

Part B

Orders will be delivered after receipt of payment. If a certain type is not available and a very similar type is in stock, you will receive this replacement type.
We do not always have time to deliver the varieties immediately. We try to process your order quickly, especially if the sowing is to take place soon.
If there is something wrong with the delivered seeds, please contact us. We will gladly replace the defective seeds.